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Helping Hands

Charities We Support

As an organisation, we are passionate about bridging the education gap to help physicians better manage dermatological conditions affecting patients with skin of colour both locally and globally.

In order to help bridge this educational gap, we plan to donate 10% of our profits to 3 charities which we have carefully selected: Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, GloDerm and Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF).


Our charitable objectives thus include:

  1. Supporting Physician Training - By partnering with Medecins sans Frontiers, we hope that our donation assists in the provision of training and support for physicians in underserved regions in diagnosing and treating skin conditions in individuals with diverse skin tones.

  2. Resource Development- We aim to support, create and distribute educational materials and online resources tailored specifically to the needs of physicians and dermatologists treating patients with skin of colour, in partnership with global charities such as Gloderm.

  3. Capacity Building- We hope to provide grants to medical professionals from low-resource settings or facing financial hardships via the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund to attend our conferences focussed on dermatology in skin of colour, thereby fostering knowledge exchange, where necessary and capacity building.

  4. Community Engagement- By supporting community-based initiatives in collaboration with global organisations, we hope to improve access to dermatological care for marginalized populations with skin of colour.

By aligning our charitable objectives with these global organisations, we hope to effectively leverage their reach, expertise and resources to advance our mission of promoting skin of colour education to physicians worldwide. 

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