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Welcome to the SOCT UK website

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our website and to our very first blog post. Some of you may have attended our previous two Skin of Colour Training Days so will already have an idea what we are about. However, we recognise that some of you may be new here and as such, we would like to use this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

We are a team of Dermatologists (prospective and practicing) of varying backgrounds with a shared passion of seeing Skin of Colour Dermatology integrated into the education landscape in the UK. Our ethos is team work and collaboration as we believe that this is central to achieving our goals. Skin of Colour is still a budding subspecialty in the UK and whilst some Dermatologists are opportuned to regularly see and manage such patients, in the less diverse parts of our nation, this may not be the case. It is therefore our desire to bridge the training and confidence gap so that all patients can have access to the best care.

To see what started as a mere idea inspired by our colleagues across the pond, fleshed out into a multi-pronged reality gives us hope that we can indeed change the world we live in. May you be inspired and join us in our efforts to make the dream of ‘healthy skin for all’ a reality indeed.

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